Quick Prop Door Prop Review

Dent Gear Shot Video of the Quick Prop:

Here is a customer review from Tory Jenkins of
Dent Shark Paintless Dent Repair of Haven, PA.

Tory submitted a quick and cool instructional demo
of the Dent Gear Tools Quick Prop:

New Dent Gear Tools
Quick Prop door prop holds the door
securely to avoid the wiggles!

While making repairs on an unsecured
panel, energy is lost, causing
you to
have to push harder and longer for the
same repair. Properly
securing the door
eliminates this.

By Pushing the quick props quick release
buttons to  slide, your door
strikers quickly
slide into place. Add a couple of turns to
secure the
panel for proper repairs.
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  • Dent Gear Tools - May 19, 2015

    The quick nut adjustment is definitely a time saver!

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